Vacuum Space Saver Storage Bags - Buy 2 Small bags (65 x 45cm) and get 1 Small Bag FREE



 Set of 3 bags: Small Bag (45 x 65 cm - suitable for Shirts, Sweaters and Jackets)

SALES PACKAGE 3 small bags (45 x 65 cm)
SUITABLE FOR  Shirts, Sweaters and Jackets
TOP FEATURE increase storage space by up to 75%


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Easy Bag Vacuum Storage Bags: Size small 45x 65 cm

Vacuum Space Saver Storage Bags - Buy 2 Small bags (65 x 45cm) and get 1 Small Bag FREE

Vacuum bags work with any normal vacuum cleaner. Watch the video demo at Easy Bags are convenient one touch reusable vacuum storage bags with a most advanced revolutionary design. It is most effective in saving space, anti-dust, anti-odor, discoloration prevention and moisture proof for clothing, bedding storage. Easy Bags shrink the capacity of stored items down to 1/4th of the original size to save space.

Key Benefits of Easy Bags:

• Shrink storage up to 75%

• Works with any household vacuum

• Items stored are airtight & waterproof

• Moisture proof • Dust proof • Germ proof • Odor proof • Insect proof • Mildew proof • Prevent color fading

• Reusable These bags are ideal for storage of all clothing, bedding, pillows, comforters, blankets etc.

not only to save substantial space but also prevent them from any kind of damage.

These bags are available in four different sizes to suit all kind of requirements. Our Vacuum bags are Made in Korea with Patented Valve."

RETURN POLICY: Refund will be paid only for the unopened individual pack. Any open pack/bag received shall not be eligible for Refund.

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